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The St. Lawrence by Bike is…

Scenic cycling routes to discover from Toronto to Rimouski, with a luggage handling, bike rental and personalized itinerary services.

For the summer of 2020, the team at The St. Lawrence by Bike have prepared a multitude of new features intended for cycling tourists! Since eight years, Mario Belley, a passionate entrepreneur, worked hard to put the focus on the cycling itineraires from Toronto to Rimouski, Giving all cyclists a new way of traveling. The result is the creation of a unique and very interesting tourism product that highlights several regions of Québec and Ontario, especially the Saint-Lawrence River!

Scenic routes to discover between Toronto to Rimouski!

Whether you are at your first experience or your tenth, there’s a cycling route thatcertainly match your style no matter the length of your stay. All the itineraries are on fairly flat ans scenic routes along the Saint-Lawrence River and the Ontario Lake. They offer exceptional views, a lot of activities to enjoy and few hills. Immerse yourself in the local and regional cultures, the cities, towns, and villages all with a tale to tell, and the tourist attractions that are spread-out over the 1200 kilometers of our network.

Our Services

You’ve been dreaming of living a biking experience like no other, but don’t know where to start? The devoted team at The St. Lawrence by bike can help. Whether it’s for luggage handling or to help you plan your travel itinerary. Let us walk you through your dream cycling vacation! Reserve your cycling dream vacation today!

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The team

The members of our team are caring people, who are there to listen to your needs and to offer you the highest quality customer service. Whether you are at your first experience or a more seasoned cyclist, the team of The St. Lawrence by Bike is here to guide you in the planning and realization of your bike trip. This enable you to live a unique cycling experience combining local flavours, pleasure and discovery!

Mario Belley

Mario Belley

Expertise: Cycle tourism

For over 25 years Mario’s passion for cycle tourism and the great outdoors has taken him from Niagara Falls to Nova-Scotia and through a portion of the eastern United States. His most favourite bike route remains the Saint-Lawrence River more precisely from Montréal to Quebec City. These numerous adventures is what has inspired him to offer this network of cycling roads along with all the other services offered by Le Saint-Laurent à Vélo to cyclists of all calibre.

His Vision: To pass-on his passion and allow others to discover the pleasure of traveling by bike. Like Mario often says: “Cycling is seeing places differently, taking in the smells, listening, tasting the local products and meeting the people“.

Email: mariobelley@voyageravelo.com

Belen Varas

Belen Varas

Expertise: Tourism

Belen’s passion for history, tourism, the outdoors and languages is what allows her to share with others her favourite places. She loves to search for and discover new attractions and destinations. She’ll take great pleasure in sharing her favourite ones with you along with making your bike trip a very pleasant one.

Her vision: To make cyclo tourism accessible to all in a safe environment. Belen wants to offer you the opportunity to live unique experiences by discovering the local flavours, landscapes, and historical and regional culture throughout le Saint-Laurent à Vélo network.

Her desire: That your bike trip meets your expectations and then some.

Email: belenvaras@voyageravelo.com

Laura Pedebas - La Cyclonomade

Laura Pedebas

Expertise : Touring cycling

La Cyclonomade. A great reader, Laura made a big change in her life when she decided to live her own adventure… on a bike! After 34 000 km /21 000 miles around the world, mostly in Europe and America, she decided to put down her panniers in Montreal.  In a few years, and thanks to her bike, her life changed for the better, so now she wants to help others to live their own bike dream.

Among her cycling adventures, she mostly travelled in Quebec and Ontario, along the Saint-Lawrence River, from Niagara Falls to the Magdalena Islands.

Her vision : Help others to live their own bike trip, to change the world one bike at the time.

Her desire : That anyone who wants to live a cycling adventure experience can, at least once in their life.

Email : info@voyageravelo.com

Sonia Laverdière

Expertise : Touring cycling

Active in all four seasons, it is with a smile and good humor that she enjoys playing outside. More intensely on her bike since 2007, it is with positive energy that Sonia likes to make us discover the landscapes of Quebec, the Island of Cuba, Europe and certain United States of America. The bicycle then becomes an excuse for his pleasure to meet and accompany cyclists to share his passion for cycling.

Her vision : Cycling is a source of balance for her and allows her to achieve fulfillment. When a symbiosis is created between physical activity, healthy eating, justified rest, a cheerful attitude sprinkled with sun, meetings, pleasures and smiles … Sonia maintains and shares her passion.

Her desire : Make you live The unique experience of discovering by bike, taking the time to pedal one step at a time and savoring each moment while letting the unexpected of the moment lead you to this WOW experience!

Courriel : info@voyageravelo.com