A wearable work of art!

If you are passionate about cycling, the river and art, you will love our new fundraising project! We have invited a local artist to create an original work inspired by The St. Lawrence by bike. The painting will be printed on a high-quality jersey that you can wear with pride on your bike rides. It is a collector’s item, limited to 200 copies.

Every year, we will partner with a different artist, located near the route, to showcase their vision of The St. Lawrence by bike. This way, you will explore the diversity and richness of the riverside artistic scene, while admiring the stunning landscapes of the St. Lawrence.

For 2024, we are delighted to introduce you to Kim Veilleux, a self-taught painter, born in Quebec City and based in Lévis. Kim is known for her colorful and dynamic style, which mirrors her bubbly personality. Here is the beginning of her project. Her painting will represent smiling cyclists in front of the St. Lawrence river, in a cheerful and festive mood. It is a true tribute to life and the joy of pedaling!

If you are interested in this project, don’t hesitate to contact us to reserve your jersey. Hurry up, quantities are limited! Thank you for your generosity and passion for The St. Lawrence by bike!



  1. Kim Veilleux
    January 24th

    C’est un grand plaisir de collaborer avec vous. Au plaisir de vous voir porter ma vision du « Saint-Laurent à vélo » ! On se saluera bientôt sur la piste! 🖐🏻

    • Mario Belley
      January 25th

      Merci Kim ! C’est un très grand plaisir de collaborer avec toi. Tu fais un excellent travail. Ton professionnalisme se fait sentir. Un grand merci !

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