Why The St. Lawrence by bike

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mario Belley and I am a cyclist enthusiast. I like discovering new regions by bike. For me, nothing better than cycling autonomously, which means carrying all the necessary thinks on my bike.

Discovering a part of a country by bike is such a beautiful way to travel. All our senses are solicited. Our eyes by the beauty of the landscape, our nose by the smells such as a strawberry field, our ears by the birds singing, the skin by the freshness of the air and our taste buds all the flavours that you can enjoy along the way.

To encourage cycling, I asked myself the question “How can I make this way of traveling more accessible?”

First, was to identify a safe and tourist-friendly route. Over the years, I have identified a route that is considered ideal. A 1200 km route starting from Toronto (a beautiful city on the shore of Lake Ontario) and ending in Rimouski (a beautiful city located 300 km east of Quebec City).

“Traditional” bike-touring means that travelers carry their luggage with them, in saddlebags or in a trailer. For various reasons, this way of doing things can stop many people.

So, I started a luggage transportation service. Cyclists can now enjoy their dream vacation on two wheels, without the inconvenience of having to pedal with the extra weight of luggage.

Little by little, more services have been added. Today, The St. Lawrence by byke offers a lot of service such as:

Why travel in The St. Lawrence by bike network?

Being passionate about cycling, I took the time to choose the route. I have a good knowledge of what cyclists are looking for and what their expectations are. It is important to me that your stay is enjoyable, safe and beautiful.

The St. Lawrence by bike has a lot to offer you. An abundance of attractions and services throughout the route. I will tell you all about it in a future blog.

Quality services have been put in place and the reviews are excellent. From the greeting to our availability to our luggage transport and shuttle services as well as the quality of our rental bikes.

The itinerary is safe. Cyclists ride along the “Waterfront trail” andLa Route Verte“. A road that is spectacular, respectful of the environment, interesting and clearly identified.

The St. Lawrence by bike is more 1200 km of WOW!

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Come and discover The St. Lawrence by bike! Come and say hello, to my team and me!

Mario Belley
Cycle touring expert


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