Why The St. Lawrence by bike

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mario Belley and I am a cyclist […]

Chemin du Roy

Ridden and written by Mario Belley. I cycled the Chemin du Roy from Montreal to […]

Basic mechanical preparation

A basic mechanical preparation, before starting a bike trip, is as simple as A-B-C-D. Literally. […]

Travel light

“What should I bring with me?” You just decided to travel by bike and, suddenly, […]

Our bloggers

Every cyclist has a story to share, pictures to show. We invite you to discover […]

La naturopathie

Text only available in French

Navigators’ Route

Ridden and written by Maryvonne Berthault. Discovering the south shore of the St-Lawrence River, from […]

“A cold one!”

«A cold one? I have some in my cooler!» After a climbing day under a […]

Fuel for cyclists

“Which one would you choose?” one friend asks me in front of the huge energy […]

592 km of Discovery!

Some days, the crazy desire to start a bike adventure takes over and haunts me […]